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Our goal, for the last 39 years, is to provide our customers with production equipment, materials and supplies from leading manufacturers worldwide who are on the cutting edge of research and technology, developing the next generation of materials required to meet user’s needs in a constantly changing, highly competitive, technological environment of Electronic (SMT) Assembly.

Electronic Technology Corporation (ETC) is a well-known representative and consulting firm for supplying used and new equipment for the SMT Manufacturing discipline. We represent companies that provides customers with the most technologically advanced electronic production equipment, materials & supplies from suppliers worldwide. Terry Jeglum has been responsible for the 39 years of program management for the Company. Previous experiences includes many years in production management, manufacturing and industrial engineering, and marketing in the electronic manufacturing industry. Our field service teams has a unique multi-discipline backgrounds which enables us to address the issues underlying electronic packaging with the synergistic interdependence of material behavior, processing aspects, and functional and environmental requirements. Our Afab division, and its relationships to used equipment suppliers, allows us to ship worldwide with new, refurbished and used equipment along with feeders, nozzles and spare parts. Your information is securely guarded. Please see our  Privacy Policy